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Originally Posted by TravellingStrom View Post
What happens is you end up breathing in all the fumes and wearing all the rocks and dust and crap. The cars and SUVs are always doing at least 10k over the posted limit

So then you now can't breathe and when you try and get around the truck you have the cars closing at 40kmh over your own speed very similar to my initial closing speed in the video

On top of all that the left hand safety lane usually has scooters in it, so the idea of pulling to the left is now also fraught with danger if you need a way out and the table drains are very deep

Honestly the safest way is to be in front, not of all the cars but the trucks and scooters. So the right hand lane would be the best spot but the vehicles stay in it so it matters not, if you are riding faster than the traffic flow then you will have to weave between everyone else

And that is exactly what the cars do and the trucks expect it

Now, just as an addition here, there is no road rage. Nil. There are accidents and I have seen quite a few and another today. But, if you get cut off by someone, curb your anger. It is normal for those behind to behave in response to those in front

So, in a nutshell they are all dangerous drivers over here, but very polite about it :)

You have to experience it to believe it. The best way is to hire a TukTuk and see if you can be a relaxed passenger
Congratulations on surviving a big one + having the stones to do what you are doing on the trip + posting up your accident for us so we can all tell you what you did wrong (What I really mean is so we can learn from it) + ATTGATT + not getting offended with all the flack you are getting. Fair play to you.

I gotta disagree with a lot of the posters on here who are advocating excessive caution at all time. First, your explanation about riding to the prevailing country norms and conditions makes a lot of sense to me. Even riding in France last year I was initially suprised by the number of bikers putting what seemed like close overtaking moves (by Oz standards) on me - after a while I just got used to it and adapted. That is what they do - no offense - quite the reverse, a friendly wave of the foot. After a while I adapted, fitted in and adjusted my riding to suit.

Second, isn't this the ADV site? FFS most of us go out of our way to ride dangerous roads to out of the way places. That's the whole point - putting your skills to the test against the conditions + riding the road less travelled. Does't mean riding recklessly. Quite the reverse but the potential for hazards is always lurking and offs really are part of the game. Not advocating riding like an idiot or recklessness but risk is part of our game and why we are in it.

Third even though I consider myself a fairly cautious rider in traffic and on main roads, I will admit that I have often undertaken slower moving vehicles in manner close to what you did in the vid. Even in Oz where the traffic is calmer and the rules more generally followed, it is very common for idiots (usually cars not trucks) to hog the overtaking lane(s) creating a rolling road block (it is technically illegal but completely unenforced). I consider it dangerous to be closely surrounded on all sides in fast moving traffic so I usually try to find 'holes' and if this means a fast undertake then so be it (the faster the undertake, within reason, the less time you are in the danger zone).

What really brought you unstuck was the oil/diesel or whatever it was (duh). You could have been riding alone and in a straight line and still gone down on that - UNLESS YOU HAD SEEN IT FIRST and avoided it. And this is where maybe you (we) could learn to do something different next time. I learned (painfully in the worst off I have ever had) some time ago to never ride what I can't see. It is truism but very profound - duh blindingly obvious - but a very good principle to remind yourself about regularly, because it is an easy one to fudge... especially when you are 'on it' and everything seems so effortless. You just push too hard into a tightening apex - where you don't have a clear view of the exit; or not stop to wipe the dust off your goggles when you should - because your mate is up your arse and its hard to stop anyway; or assume that the next causeway on this fast dirt road will be dry because the last 5 were. I've done all of those things and a few more besides and all were in violation of the basic obvious principle.

In the video the slick is quite visible. Obviously you did not see it or smell it - your attention was probably taken up calculating the gap between the trucks and the road ahead was probably only in your peripheral vision. But I wonder if you had given yourself another second before diving up the inside you would have become aware of the slick.

Maybe food for thought.
Otherwise thanks for sharing, enjoy the rest of your ride and come home safe.
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