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Originally Posted by graniterover View Post
2006 950 Adventure

Battery was dead (wouldn't hold a charge). Ordered a new one. A neighborhood kid has been helping me with some small projects. He put the new battery in and accidentally grounded the wrench on the aluminum plate above the battery.

No ignition, no power.

The ignition fuse (10amp) seems fine. With a tester there is no power to the fuse that I can see. Of course, at the same time, the battery on my multi meter died so I was only using a test lamp.

Either way, the manual has the power from the battery going to the 10amp fuse, then to the ignition.

Any suggestions on what I should test for next?

Thank you in advance. Hoping to get this going by Saturday so I can ride!

Is the battery still good according to your test light? If so, I would suspect a terminal or a cable immediately around the battery, current shouldn't have traveled through many other places if the key was off at the time.

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