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I don't actually care who wins. I like to see good racing. Safe racing. I think that is what I saw in the three races this Sunday. I think it would be perfect if we got to the last race and it's anybody's game to lose. I don't think that will happen between the five, but I bet Dorna would be all over a close season long battle.
I'd like to see Pedrosa take the crown, just so he finally gets it done. I'd also like to see Rossi take it. But, then I'd not mind watching Lorenzo repeat.
I do really hope we're in for a season long battle between four or five or six riders. We know Lorenzo, Marquez, Pedrosa and Rossi will be there Crutchlow will push until he twists the throttles off all his bikes, and maybe Bradl will get in the mix. Maybe Smith? Bautista too.
Certainly four riders in the mix every race. The trick will be to not let anybody get too far ahead. Both Pedrosa and Lorenzo have done that. Pedrosa can't be counted out from one race. Not after his second half last season.
This was the first race Lorenzo won since Laguna Seca 2012 when he and Dani both finished. A load of races to go yet and Dani didn't lose too many points.
It was after all fourth not a DNF.
I also don't think there are any frail egos in this mix. These guys have all been at this long enough and around to know what is what. Any of that nonsense is probably trumped up by the Italian or Spanish media.
Then again what do I know? They all could spend their days sitting around sniping about who was wearing what when.
Could be just an international version of Jersey Shore.

Dovi and Hayden are looking to be doing about the same as last year if testing and this one race say anything. They may get to the front as Hayden was able to do last year but five laps is about the limit of contact with that front four. Maybe the Germans will push the right buttons in the correct order and get the big red turnip trucks turning. Maybe not. I hope they do. That would make the second half of this season fun and next year even more so.

Stoner is gone to four wheels. I'll miss seeing him paint those big black arcs. But,he ain't here no more so there is no need to talk about him.

Lastly I sure hope Spies gets his shoulder working so it's easier for him to keep pace with the turnip fleet.

And I still don't get CRT. Where does the money come from? They can't all be financed by Nigerian princes.
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