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This is long overdue. Partly because we've had other things going on (as mentioned previously) and partly because the last day back from Cambria was pretty uneventful. We were only about 120 miles from home and we needed to get home somewhat early since Stephanie had to go to work later that afternoon. It was also Super-Bowl sunday (yikes….yeah it's been that long!!) and I wanted to get home in time to watch the game.

Looking out the window that morning when we woke up I saw it was bit overcast. It was early so there was some time for that to clear up. It was time for breakfast. This hotel didn't offer Stephanie's free breakfast and from the reviews we had seen on yelp, the in-house restaurant wasn't that great. If we were going to pay for breakfast, it wasn't going to be there. Besides, with how little time we were going to be there in town, we might as well get out and go for a walk We found a place that was right down the street called the Old Monterey Cafe. Looked promising enough.

This place was on the same street as the Asian place we had been to on our previous trip here to Monterey. Walking inside we found the restaurant to be a small, comfortable place. The walls inside are decorated with old movie posters, print ads and the like. It was pretty busy this morning, but luckily, no wait.

We were greeted and shown to our table by a friendly hispanic guy. We chatted with him a bit and then he left us to our menus.

Was a bit bored as Stephanie went to the restroom and snapped some pictures of the tower-o-cream:

They had a bit of everything on the breakfast menu and we opted for this (by the time i got around to these pictures Stephanie was just about done getting rid of the evidence):

If you're in Monterey, check the place out. The staff was great and the food was equally good. Anyway, we paid our bill and were just sitting talking when we noticed a young couple that had walked in and was now waiting for a table. We figured we'd get going and let them have the table. Time to head back to the hotel and head out.

As you've probably gathered by now, we have the whole packing thing down to a science. It wasn't long before we were warming up the bikes, getting everything loaded and were on our way. The weather had cleared up a bit. It was still a bit on the cool side, but still better than it had been a few days previously. This is the first time we wouldn't be heading back along the coast from here. It would be highway all the way there and I really wasn't looking forward to it (see previous mentions of how I dread long highway stints……it's just fu%#$ng exhausting and boring to me to sit in the same position for so long). I guess in the end it still beats working or doing a million other things. I'm still out on the bike with Stephanie. Things could definitely be worse!! Plus it's hard to not get spoiled with all the great roads we now have around here.

Because the ride wasn't so long and because we had to get back home, there would be no stop for lunch along the way. The plan was to get home and eat something there. The drive as you can also imagine was pretty uneventful. The sun had come out and so had the wind. Something an open highway always seems to make more prevalent. One thing that was kind of funny during the ride was this car with 4 young guys in it that was cruising next to us snapping away with their camera. Must have looked pretty cool to them to see 2 Streetfighters, one of which was piloted by a woman.

Along the way we made one stop just to stretch our legs and another to get gas. That one stop was ironically right down the street from Stephanie's work, where she would be just a few hours from then. We joked that she should have just brought her scrubs….it would have saved her a trip back. From there it wouldn't be too long before we would make it home. That short leg of the trip was only "highlighted" by the guy in an old chevy that insisted on getting in front of us and peppering us with what seemed like a quart-a-minute of burning oil. Even though we ended up getting back in front of him just to avoid it, our visors had a film of crud on them from there on out. Didn't bother stopping since we would be home soon. The helmets and the bikes would get a good wash soon enough.

So that's pretty much it. We got home, I got the bikes and gear put away and Stephanie made me this to have while I watched the game. Not a bad way to end a great weekend…..

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