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Not enough Juice from Battery?

I have a 2008 990 Adventure that acted the exact same way last fall. I figured it was just the original battery failing after 4 years even though I keep it on a tender. Because it was late in the year in Minnesota i did not want to put in a new battery until this spring. Last week I got the bike out of storage and installed a new battery. Crap! same result! Turn the key on and the gage would cycle like normal and the engine would give one slight "grunt" when the starter button was pushed and then the gage would cycle again. I threw my 6 amp charger on the new battery and left the bike sit for the next two days. In the mean time I've been searching the net for answers, and I happened upon trhis thread. I was hoping that someone here would have a solution.
Yesterday I stepped in my storage garage where the 990 is sitting with the intent of jumping across the starter solenoid to see if the bike would act any different. Before I jumped the solenoid, I tried the regular way of starting the bike and what do you know, it started right up like normal!
It seems that even though the new agm battery is supposed to be ready to go, an initial charge was neccesary to give the system the proper cranking power to fire it up.
Have you put a charger on your new battery to make sure it is fully charged up?
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