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990 intermittent running issue

Greetings, am turning to the forum after not being able to have the issue rectified at the dealer. My 2010 990 Adv has for some time been behaving badly. After a period of slow and throttle happy running in traffic or trail it can develop a severe misfire that rapidly ends in no forward progress.
The engine appears to be fairly hot when it happens although the temp gauge does not indicate particularly adversely, I note the exhausts appear to be very hot.
The dealer checked the charging circuit, fuel etc but have only been able to replicate it once and then couldn't diagnose. Alternator stator and exhaust CO2 sensors have been mentioned as possible causes but they test OK.
It feels like severe fuel starvation, alas there is no carburettor to unblock ...
Has anybody out there experienced a similar issue and found the cause?
I am becoming slightly desperate, yesterday I found myself at the end of a track in the forest with a failing engine. I let it cool for twenty minutes then was able to get back to the tarmac after which it would only run for a few km at a time. I got to a roadside stop and force cooled the exhaust system and engine with buckets of water which seemed to enable it to run again. After a twenty minute freeway journey when it was fine it immediately started choking when I came back down to the city streets in Melbourne.
Today I ran it for half an hour at high throttle slow speed through two fan cycles ... And it was fine ...
Any prior experiences similar chaps?
Thanks for such an excellent and informative forum.
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