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Moose shorty windscreen?

I purchased a Moose Shorty windscreen for my 12 990R and I gotta say I am very unimpressed with the quality of it.

It doesn't wrap around the bottom section of the headlight (as the thinner stock screen does) so both tabs basically shoot out and leave a large opening at the base of the headlight.

I'm thinking that I could, or will have to, bevel the inner edge out to even clear the headlight itself so I can even be able to attach it with the wellnuts that hold the screen in position.

I don't mind having to modify or work with a product but it seems more to me that they sent a half finished product that most people would just send back.

I'm not going to lie if I didn't have it shipped 1500 miles to get here it would be going back just out of principle.

Anyone else have the same experience or did I just get one that was half way down the production line and stuffed into a box?

Not meaning to be a rant but more of a warning for others looking for a solution rather than a project.
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