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Originally Posted by dm635 View Post
I have an intermittent issue getting into 1st after being in neutral at a stop. Usually have to push forward or back. And if I don't preload still get the occasional false neutral going to 5th.
The occasional false neutral isn't a very big problem if I know when they happen. Probably a matter of paying attention.

When sitting at a light in neutral I have learned to shift into 1st a little early, so I'm ready, and all it takes is a rev of the engine for mine to happen. The moving the bike thing I only have to do if the bike is parked and the engine is not running.

The most annoying thing I get is the gear box falling out of a gear when I'm digging hard. I get a big over revving of the disconnected engine and have to find a gear again. Usually catches me off guard, I mean I'm not expecting this to happen because it is rather rare. Happens once month, maybe.
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