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Originally Posted by jaumev View Post
I like to see pictures from places I've just visited few weeks ago!!
Yeah, I had the same thoughts and tried to recognize some of the locations you were showing in post 37 which is oddly difficult in an area without any landmarks we're used to.

Originally Posted by drisschoufa View Post
I am a Moroccan that is always scarred to hit a moped or a car without rear light while traveling there. that is the only thing that freaks me out and for them its another day on the road. [...]
Agree. I get around a bit and have seen strange behaviors: Some countries they just don't care about lights, some they leave them off until they see you, and some they switch from low- to highbeam if they see oncoming traffic ...
Then there are the obstacles as wild donkeys (south America), kangaroos (Australia), camels (Middle East) - or speed bumbs and deer (just about everywere else). And without trees and stones in the dessert it can also become difficult to judge distances and 'read the road' at night.
That night, we were riding slow enough to stop for obstacles and could be seen for kilometers. It should have been easy for other traffic to avoid us since you could literally drive whereever you wanted - but we still wanted to get off the bikes as soon as possible.

Thanks for your kind words!
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