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Well I got the rear brake bled. We will see how long it keeps. I would highly suggest to anyone needed to do the same to invest in a 60cc cathidor tip syringe to pressure bleed the system. I picked one up at the local farm supply co-op for $1.95 It was pretty easy and straight forward.

I removed the reservoir and stuck the syringe into the reservoir hose and pushed the fluid thru the system. I them kept pressure on the syringe and cracked each banjo bolt one and a time to purge any trapped air. I then re-installed the reservoir and pushed fluid from the caliper back up the system to remove any air in the reservoir line. Now the brake feels better than it ever has. I don't know if I'll be able to get the pedal position as low as I'd like it, but maybe I can retrain myself to move my foot.
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