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Day 061
Southern end is on roads.
Northern end is on trails.
Seems to get lost between Groundhog Park and Willow Park. *
Leaves the Continental Divide Trail to use Tanks7 Trail, one of the most difficult single-track trails in the area, then later returns to the CDT at Marshall Pass.

* I could ride the section that seems lost and send you an update. But it would have to be after the snow melts, probably in June.

Day 061 EW
Looks like all roads, OK.

Day 062
Mixed 4WD roads and single-track trail.
Some of the passes are a little difficult; rocky 4WD roads.
Timberline Trail is one of the most difficult single-track trails in the area.

Traces the Continental Divide, which is just a line on a map, not a route/road/trail except by accident.

Pearl Pass
Mixed roads and single-track trails.
Just looking at low resolution, it looks like it uses Hunters Hill Trail which is now closed to motorized. Hunters Creek Trail is nearby and a suitable alternate.

Connector, OK.

Tin Cup
Connector, OK.

Track 005
Never been there, but it looks like a 4WD road on the map.

I wouldn't ride any of the trails with packs on the bike. The roads are mostly easy-peasy, except for the 4WD roads, which are rocky in places.

But others have ridden the trails with small overnight packs on their bikes...
Geek and his crew and the Monkey Butt guys. Oh yeah, and Steve has ridden everything on a loaded KLR650
I'm not kidding.
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