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Cool electrical farkel, in your glove box. Power your stuff.

Well I have had my new 2012 990 for a week and a half. I have added my GPS, V1 radar detector, and a Ampi-rider to control my tunes. I am trying to be a minimalist with this bike, and trying to keep it simple. That said, there is just not enough places to hook up your electronics. Sure you have the ACC 1, and ACC 2 under the dash, but thats not good enough for me.

Here's what I did in less than a hour and for less than $11.00 bucks. Keep in mind, all disclaimers apply.

Here's a link for the part.

I also will use the 90 deg. connectors to give me the most room for wiring.

And here's whats involved. Remove the glove box. With the new fuse panel scribe around it on the back side. Lay it out, and take your time.. Make it look factory..

I used a step drill to remove most of the plastic, then a dremell. Clean it up and square the corners with a razor knife. The new hole is to the rider of the stock fuse panel.

This is what the backside looks like after you have the hole cut and pressed into place.

After your happy with the fix, stick it in place. I used some epoxy, the type you just knead together. JB weld is just to runny, and will make a mess.

And here is the final product, and if I have to say so... It looks like it came there. And it has a cool clear cover for the fuses.

The only down side to this panel... One side is not a common buss. So you will have to chain the terminals on one side (hot side) together. On the plus side you can have half always hot, and relay the other to come on with the key...

I have seen several post on this subject... Hope this helps.

This will give you a fused point of protection. You still have to wire it... And do it the right way... Don't let any smoke out, it's a bitch to put it back in..


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