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Miami to S Augustine

After getting all the shipping handled I decide its time to head north in the morning. I actually am not sure where I am going. I have a flight out of ATL in less than a week and need to decide where to drop the bike. My original plan was to go to my brothers in Maryville TN. Hang out for a couple of days and then ride over to my sisters in Chesapeake VA. Not happening because of the 8 days lost in Popayan during the protest and 3 days with the late bike shipment. Have to make a decision and since I had already booked a flight from Norfolk to ATL, I am leaning that way. Its more riding on boring I-95 but whatever.

Being on the road for a few months helps align priorities and I knew that if I wasn’t going to make Machu Picchu that I wanted to see some family. All the delays really put a kink in my plan but all part of the journey. I have also been in contact with my Dad's best friend since high school and I am pretty much driving right by his house in Coco Beach. I'd couldn't live with myself if I had just driven by!!

It was a great visit and so cool to see some old friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years! I would have loved to stay more than a couple of hours but I had a lot of miles to cover. They suggested that I stay in Saint Augustine for the night. It sounded like a cool little coastal town and I was there right at dark so perfect.

The Miler Family...Thanks guys for a great visit!!!

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Had planned to crash early as I have a big day tomorrow. Planning to make it to Chesapeake from here. I walked around town and got some killer ribs and beer. Took in some music and more beer at the Celtic Festival going on and oh shit its already midnight!

Saint Augustine

Today will be a long full day of looking forward to seeing my sister and her 3 kids, and reflecting on the trip. Its I-95 all day which will not be super fun. Actually yesterday on a big Saturday night I blew right through Daytona. It was the start of bike week and I am not one to miss a good party, especially one with motorcycles. But as I said priorities align with time on the road and I have had more than my fair share of party nights over the past few months. I want to see at least part of my fam.

I hope I make Chesapeake VA about dark!

Oh one other story from the day. I stopped to get gas south of Daytona and there was a gang of 1% or HA or some other known biker gang. I honestly can’t remember at this point who, just remember I recognized the name as a well-known gang. I parked near them after getting gas b/c that was the best place to park. They all looked me up and down like I was the first guy to ever roll through here on a fully loaded bike. They were BSing with a cop and as I walked by the cop struck up conversation. “you look like you are from the discovery channel or something!” I laughed and told him where I had been. The gang member that was talking to him now really staring at me gets ready to start his bike. The cop makes another comment about my trip and I say “Yep my bike is meant to be ridden and I have everything I need right here. Not just a show piece to ride to the bar.” The cop laughed his ass off and gang dude finishes his 1 minute straight of stink eye and drives away. I thought it was all pretty damn funny. Also another one of gang dudes bike wouldn’t start. I don’t judge what people ride and I think any bike is better than no bike. I also think that I will own a cruiser someday but I don’t like to be intimidated b/c a guy feels tough with his matching jacket on and all his friends. Belong to a riding club for people to ride with, camaraderie and knowledge of bikes and places to ride, totally awesome. Belonging to a gang because you need to belong to something and be a part of intimidating people, pathetic. I wish they has chosen something different than motorcycles to seem tough, it only takes away from everything great about riding motorcycles. I am sure I was also given a little extra boost in my confidence from being back in the US after a grand adventure and oh yeah and the cop standing right there. haha
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