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Yesterday I went for a short ride to Aberfoyle. Aberfoyle is a place I used to go when I was learning quite a lot as it was quite close to home and had some good, twisty roads into it. I was only there once last year though as I had started doing longer trips and sadly for Aberfoyle to get to it you have to deviate off the road to somewhere else. So unlike Callandar that you pass through to go all sorts of places, to pass through Aberfoyle you have to either be going to Aberfoyle or be lost.

If you find the ride report I did from last year there's every chance I said the exact same thing then too. My views on Aberfoyle haven't changed. Nor has its location.

It's quiet and quaint. There are some traditional style shops and cafes in the main street (more or less the only street) and the Scottish Wool Centre. Despite riding a Honda Deauville, I have no intention of visiting the Scottish Wool Centre so as far as activities go there wasn't much for me to do. Just up the hill is an outdoor activity place though which apparently has the UK's longest zipline. It looks fun enough but my place is on the ground, not in the trees even if I do look like a partially shaved gorilla.

Anyway I wasn't ziplining so have to entertain myself in other ways. So I grabbed some food and took some photos.

This is the picnic area and car park. There are a few houses behind where I'm standing but 90% of Aberfoyle is in front of me here. It's usually quite busy with bikes but I only saw three.

Car Park:

The river here is the Forth. The very same Forth that flows under the Forth bridges (obviously) and the Kincardine bridges. Next time I'm in the area I'll head a little further up the road and visit the source of the river Forth. The road up that way is a mess but quite picturesque in places.

Craigmore and the Forth:

Over exposed picture of a bridge and the Forth:

I grabbed some lunch in the picnic area.


By this point I was struggling to find something to do and was about to just head off when I noticed the sheep outside the Wool Centre. "They're only sheep" I though but wandered over anyway. Turns out they had a couple of exotic (as far as sheep go anyway) breeds that had four horns there were relatively cool. And they were all fighting. "Result!" I thought, but it should come as no surprise that the moment I took my camera out they all calmed down, wandered away and munched on grass for the entire time I was there. I waited in vain for them to start sparring again but nothing happened. There was sheep dog trial stuff in the paddock but there was no sign of that happening either. Right up until I was geared up and leaving of course. I wasn't prepared to remove all my gear again so I missed out on just about the only interesting thing you can do with sheep, besides slow roast them.

Let's get this over with.


Because I'm a shameless fool, I tried calling the 'cooler' breeds over to get close ups but no matter how much I BAAAA'd they were having none of it and stayed away.

Four Horned Sheep of Satan:

The one at the front here was clearly the alpha male. He was a big bugger. And he had massive bollocks.

The big man:

And that's all the photos I took. The real reason for bikers to go to Aberfoyle is The Duke's Pass. It's a mini Dragon's Tail. I video'd the full thing start to finish but as that's still uploading to Youtube (10 (ten) hours to upload!!) it'll need to wait til tomorrow to get posted. Not that many of you will want to watch 27 minutes of me slowly riding round a winding mountain road.

This video was taken after I'd gone on the Duke's Pass but to keep the length of the video down I split it up. So this is me passing Stirling Castle and doing a bit of hardcore offroading.

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