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Originally Posted by rade View Post
I have the first to prototypes in my hands and I am again a bit smarter:-)

how it looks like:
- the mould/form seems to be good - however 3 small optimizations will be done
- tanks looks good - even when we cut it the walls are the same width - but we will make them a bit thinner (4mm)

what next:
  • check - it fits in the subframe for 990 and 950 (w/o ABS models only) - during weekend
  • finalize mounting
  • finalize air ventilation -> it will significantly influence the final capacity
  • finalize the heat isolation from the pipes

for discussion:
- the filles has currently G 1 zoll/inch coil - manufacturer question if this is the best solution from usability point of view, problem is just a limited space between the seat lock and the fairing...
- thinking of carbon-kevlar protection skin to avoid abrasion
- TUV certification - it will pass for sure (as other tanks from my manufacturer) but it is quite costly and it would mean price increase by aprox. 100USD...

Hi Rade, I can see a possible problem with fuel splash back triggering the pump nozzle with the location of the filler hole. I'm sure you testing will confirm if it is a problem though.

For me, I couldn't care about TUV certification, but you carbon-kevlar protection skin idea has merit.

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