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Originally Posted by TravellingStrom View Post
My response as ever is unless you have been here and done it, then it is hard for you to comment fairly about what I did or did not do correctly.

The other point is, we all ride differently so one mans caution is another mans recklessness

I ride like I do because that is the way I am. I reckon I will leave a bit more of a gap before doing the above again but I will still do what I did

I did get off lightly, personally, but it cost me a few grand to rebuild the motor

I am now back hime in Oz and it has been very hard to restrain my natural urges to under and overtake slow moving vehicles. The natural flow of traffic here is so restricted with the millions of signs and traffic control devices that I wish to be back where motorbikes are understood by other traffic

I agree with you. Ride your own ride.
And correct about the state of traffic. e.g. So many good biking roads round here now with painfully low speed limits + heavy policing.
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