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First Real Ride

Got a hundred miles in on the new steed

For fresh off the cutting room floor she did just fine. Rode to work through 30 miles of lane splitting hell. No drama. Engine smooth as silk at any speed. Nice balance, very little brake dive, suspension real stable.

Got done at 4:30 and headed out toward the coast on Old Page Mill. It's wonderful little road, tight, twisty, climbs up to the coastal ridge line above the Bay.

I found the suspension to be very compliant, but shock firms right up when dropping over the big bumps. Maybe a little loose at this point as the clickers are far from dialed in. The front is solid and turns in just right. I did notice it get a little vague and skittery over ripples when leaned over. Need to fix that, not quite sure what to do, but time will tell. Close enough that I'm very sure it will be just fine. Good news is the springs, ride height and front to rear balance feel just right. Very pleased but have some fiddling to do.

Engine is super smooth. Limited power, but we all know that. I like the feel under acceleration. Didn't notice any hesitation or obvious jetting issues under power. Shes fueling just fine. I do have an idle problem. The engine revs on when I chop the throttle while standing still. Little blips raise the revs and take a second or two to retreat. idle speed is good, balanced and steady, just the run-on problem. In the past on other rides, I've noticed that to be a sign of a lean mixture screw. this is different in that it doesn't hunt but does run-on. Maybe the pilot is too small. I intentionally started with rich mains because the engine is fresh and we don't want lean under power just yet. Any ideas out there on the idle issue??

Finished the ride with a nice cruise over Skyline and a blast homeward on 280. Wow, no wind screen. There was a stiff headwind, and I was feeling a little blasted at anything over 65. Oh well. the bike didn't bobble or twitch or head slap. Handling at speed is super stable and very predictable, just not real fast...

Mechanically, I must have done OK, nothing fell off or rattled. Tight as can be all around. I did notice a little, odd engine whistle when I cut the throttle at speed. Maybe the breather needs to get gummed up a little to quiet down. Not sure about that one.

Did not stop grinning!!! I felt like I do on a new ride that's gunna be just right. Ear to ear.

Please chime in with any thoughts at all
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