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Originally Posted by Buzzbomber View Post
Lots of guys on the wr250r thread swear by them.
Eh, don't listen to the guys in that thread, they are all full of hot air.

In other news I picked a helluva day to ride to work and put in a little I'm stuck here and it looks like hell out there.. I said to myself "meh, it's only a chance of rain". Looks like mother nature called my bluff...
I rode into work last two days. I used my Joe Rocket leather jacket that has a liner, both days. Just perfect for the mornings, and great in afternoon, with vents open and liner zipped out.
Today.....zipped out liner and opened vents at 3:30....getting ready for ride home.
4:30, felt how much the temp dropped...put the liner back in and closed vents. LOL
No rain down here,luckily....Yet.
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