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Originally Posted by chasemotorman View Post
As the subject says, looking for a gently-used tool like the one Hucky's sells new for $21 (#71111237858 or 71119090139) and found in some (but not my) toolkits. It's not too expensive new, but I thought I'd check here first. I am aware of the Park pin spanner, but would like something more substantial.

Thanks -
I was never thrilled with my stock BMW toolkit one. Pins got wobbly over time. I use a lot of Park stuff for bicycles and it holds up OK for home use. You can also look around Mcmaster Carr and the like for a pin spanner.

I need one now as well as I've fitted /5 fork caps to my /7. The caps have been chromed so I need a really solid wrench. I'll probably just make one using one of my existing hook wrenhes. Costs all of a pair of grade 10 bolts, some jamb nuts and some quality grinder time.

I made a special wrench for the /6 era chrome wheel bearing caps. Completely superior to the toolkit thing but a shop only tool.
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