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Originally Posted by bpeckm View Post
I use the same technique that I use to open the lower clamp on the triples when they have been there a while: take a wide-blade standard (flat) screwdrive and use it as a wedge. The trick with aluminum is to work it slowly and let it expand (or whatever it does!)... forcing it rapidly tends to break things, moving it gently and slowly it can be expanded enough to get it on the bars. ....just did it for my 80ST el-cheapo bars!

Thanks guys. In spite of following the recommendations things didn't work out for me I managed to crack the clamp on the perch. It's still together but I don't thing I would trust it that way. I am pretty frustrated it took me a long time and wasn't cheap to get the right handlebar controls to do a handlebar master cylinder conversion on my /7. Guess I should have stayed with the stock bars. Going to see if a welder friend of mine with a tig set up can weld the crack or start my search for a new double pull throttle cable with the master cylinder.
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