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What...this debate is over so soon?


It was just getting interesting.

So UHD's on a 650 dual sport would be out of the question/not really necessary/overkill? So far good and bad things have been noted by users on bigger DS's like the 990/950, riding pavement at higher speeds with UHD's. I'm wondering if the bike weight dictates or could influence the decision then? Not to hijack a dead thread (is that possible..hmmm.), but say I was wanting to run (OK, let's say I will be running) the Western TAT, lot's of pavement on the way home. Use UHD's, lower pressure for the trip out, jack up the pressure for the ride home, crank it up on pavement (75/80ish MPH...thats cranking for 650 DS at least for me) and forget about it?

I've heard the Michelin UHD's in particular weight in like a tire..I'll be running Michelin Desert Race tires to protect those heavy tubes.

What say ye..any other go start another "which oil" thread somewhere?..
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