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I'll admit it's a crap shoot at the DMV, but getting mad about it is a waste of time.

I arrived 5min early for an appointment made the previous week. After standing in the "Appointment" line for about 20min the guy there said "you're early, come back to the window in 5min".

I turned around; the line had grown by about 8 - 10 people. I said if I got back and waited in line I'd then be late. He said no, it'll be OK, he'd remember me.

So back in line I go, only to see him leave the counter and go into a back room. By the time I get to the front of the line, I am in fact 5min late for my 2:30 appointment. The lady now behind the counter looks down her nose at me and says "You're late, next time get here early". She gave me my number, I said thank you, I enlightened her about the previous 10min (I wanted to waste some of her time) and then waited til my number was called.

It was frustrating, but I went in prepared for the worst; I had researched every form related to motorcycles, non-op certs, unreadable engine & frame #'s - the works. It wasn't the apocalypse. I got an '87 LC4 that hadn't been registered for 6years and had an "unauthorized" street plate through the system and on the street in 1 appointment. It wasn't cheap, but it got done.

Did I get lucky? Maybe, but I knew what was potentially around the corner and I came prepared. I was also very pleasant to the drone behind the counter.

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