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Originally Posted by up2nogood View Post
Being a complete newb to this tuning thing, but knowing I have to do something because my bike EATS fuel, could I ask an opinion of the group?

Bike is a 2011 Adventure R.

I currently have:
* SAS still fitted
* Slip on twin Akra's (straight through units)

I am going to:
* SAS removed
* 2:1 FMF conversion (straight through unit) to allow aux tank fitment

Now this bike produces more than enough power for dirt road riding, so I'm not chasing that. What is bugging me is that I can smell the unburnt fuel coming out of it, I get 230-240kms (140-ish miles) to a tank when riding hard and I have to then steal fuel from riding buddies on stock Triumph Tigers who are riding as hard as I am and get get another 60-80kms further than I can on the same amount of fuel.........
So is there a tune that brings some economy into the picture?
Remove the Akra map and install normal map from latest model. Leave the Lamda ON. Reset adaptation and make 15 min idle adjustment. This is the best you can do if you cannot afford custom mapping for *your* bike. Using someone else's custom mapping will make things worse.
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