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Hi mate,

I worked for EPTC before (a brand of EVN) who now is negotiating with owner of BOT Mong duong 2.
This power plant is placed Cam Pha city - small city in Quang Ninh province, 170km from Hanoi, 50km from Halong city. It is now under construction and its COD is in 2015 but I dont think that their employee is living in containers. No way

I will respond your questions now:
  • Would it be safe for her to go out and about by herself? She's an attractive busty blond: Yes, it's not dangerous as you think. Most of people is friendly, at least with beautiful woman as your wife LOL
  • Could we bring our bikes? I have a two stroke KTM 300 for dirt and a tarded' 2013 500 exc for the street. She rides a KTM 144 for dirt and a DRZ400SM for the street: No, it could not if your company do not give suggestion to Government of Vietnam. You can buy dirtbikes without registration in Vietnam then sell it before leaving.
  • Would there be any job opportunities for her? She doesn't have a college degree so I'm not sure if she could teach English. The goal would be for purpose, not money: Yes, if money is not your goal
  • Are un-exploded ordinances a real concern for trail riding? Yes. you have to own driving license for big motorcycle ( cylinder of 175cc and above). However, Vietnamese police always ignore foreiners.
  • If it's not safe for her to ride, is it at least safe for her to be out by herself. For example, going to the market? For moving purpose only, you'd better buy a small motorcycle for her (auto or semi-auto motorcycle)
  • Are there any organized trail races within a reasonable distance? No, it is banned in Vietnam but you can travel with it
  • Would there be any other expats in that area to make friends with? Yes. Mong duong 2 is one of biggest thermal power plant in Vietnam. Therefore I think that it has some expats who will work and live around your place.
Now I live in Hanoi, work for a tour company and travel with our club - Dirtbike Friends. If you love to travel by dirtbike, buy one and ride with us, mate

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