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Originally Posted by what car?? View Post
I would hate to lose the main (cylindrical) filter as the possible contamination to the injectors. Getting some micro junk in the injector nozzle or pintle valve would be not so good in my opinion. I'm thinking of tearing out the old filter material and trying to replace it with some new filtration medium. I'm just curious about whether there is a tight enough fit in there to keep the caps from dislodging or creating another issue. I'm sure there's some kind of adhesive used for the paper element where it's attached to the caps, but what is it. I'm in need of filters (or a possible pump) also here in Guatemala, dealership doesn't have them.

Also, how would having an external fuel filter lower fuel pressure?? It has to go through the filter regardless of where it's at. It would have a few more inches to travel, but as far as pressure I don't think it would lower it. Anyone with experience with this? I'm willing to try it as a solution for my issues if none others present themselves. Although I guess I could have a friend ship some to me, but at a cost :(
I know that after the cylindrical filter goes in my opinion it's worse having it than not, as it disintegrates itself and than u end up with lots of stuff in your injectors.....Anyway I found filters in Lima...KTM Lima is huge and they have a lots of stuff including tires.
Thanks for all your help here....happy now
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