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zambia times

the story continues in zambia, where the policewomen are just ...

Last days i met a dutch guy who is drinving like crazy this f***** little moped

his name is Steven and he is working on a ngo to help people farming. He ask me if I wan to join him on villages, for sure

the only thing it didn't tell me was that the dirt road was a very very sand road And as usual, when my bike smell sand, it just fall, again and again and again.

After six fallas i ws totally exhausted, my energy has gone, so Steven ask me 'He Maybe we can switch the bike ?" Ok let's try !! 1 meter later, Steven was laying in the sand, it was so good to see him falling !!!
I was with the little moped and have some much fun, full throttle and when i see sand i just go go and go so easy so crazy!!! Steven 5 falls later start to be a little upset about my bike!
So after maybe 2 hour of really hard dirt track, we arrive a the chief palace,
that a cool place ?

Steven try to understand how to drive on sand ..

The chief is not very sympatic, he wants money, sugar, cooking oil, and don't even accept to take a picture with us

Anyway with have lot of villages to see...

I deflate the tyre for the 3rd or 4th times of the day, and suddenly the bike start to be conforable I cruie on the sand playing a great game.

We met a lot of people, crazy kids playing everywhere and enjoying cameras

After 2 hours of tchatting with a lot of farmers, it's time to go back, and something happen, maybe because of the light rain, maybe because of the tyre well deflate, but a f**** great bike moment, we race like crazy 80km/h in the sand, the mud, the grass, on the track, offroad, we just smile like kids under our helmets !

Steven wants to have his second chance so we switch again, and i really love this moped !!! just have to go full throttle

A really great day of biking and meeting fabulous people, 6 falls for me, 5 for steven but without taking account of the mileage!

Amazing day I am suppose to leave Livingstone tomorrow, but this crazy dutch man, made me some new proposals

just me crossing Africa

L'aventure Africaine en franšais:
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