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On To Savannah/Midnight In Montgomery

We hit the road from Fayetteville on Tuesday. Randy showed up from Texas and has the situation under control concerning his father. It was good to see Ray on his feet at the hospital so we expect him to be released soon. Tuesday was basically a travel day so we didn't take any photos worth posting. We headed back for the coast and continued down 17South into Myrtle Beach SC. which to me was a tourist trap. No thanks, we rolled out of there as fast as we could. We stopped in Mount Pleasant just before the bridge into Charleston and walked out onto the pier that goes beneath the bridge to about half way across the river. We saw the USS Yorktown downriver from the pier. It is a museum exhibit now but we didn't go to it we decided to keep moving south. We had a plan to spend our time in Savannah. We got off the road in Beaufort SC about an hour north of Savannah. It turns out this is home to Parris Island where the toughest men in America, the US Marines have boot camp. I know, get on with the pictures. Relax, I'm almost there! We got up early and parked the bike in Savannah by 9:00AM. We picked up a map and started walking around the historic district. This is an easy place to love. Check it out for yourself

* After we left Savannah we rode through Ft Stewart, *I think it's an Army training base where we only stopped for one picture. *

You don't see that sign everyday. We stopped in Douglas Ga for the night heading for Montgomery Al in the morning.

Midnight In Montgomery
We left Douglas, Ga. this morning riding toward the lightning thunder hail and tornados that are rolling over the deep south. We rode across Georgia on state route 32. What a great riding road. Long straight stretches long sweeping curves and smooth asphalt through pine forests and serene lakes dotting the countryside. We then picked up US82 in Dawson,Ga for another 130 miles of riding bliss. West of I75 in Ga the terrain started to change to rolling farmland with a lot of angus and crops other than pine trees Corn is popping through the soil already in these parts. The closer we got to Montgomery the road started to roller coaster and curves were sharper and more frequent. We interrupt this ride to introduce you to Alabama State Trooper T A Hutton. Not so fast yankee, here's your warning. Apparently those little white signs with the number 55 on them are not suggestions but actually the state speed limit. Who knew? We made it into Montgomery in time to get a room and some food before the storms hit. I also fixed yesterday's post so you should see the pictures this time. I still can't get the captions on more than one or two pictures so that is still an issue. Over and Out
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