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I don't know what to say it's been a while since my last RR. I feel like that is what people say when they enter a confessional booth at a catholic church but really that is what I should be doing. I have been in Medellin Colombia for the last two weeks so.... My friend robert showed up from Oregon, we rented an apartment and I have basically been partying. We did meet back up with Joe, Aileen, and Lea from the boat trip and Marnix and Lison stopped by along with a few other people along the way.

here is what I've done:

Party a lot:

Went to a brewery and partied:

met up with jdowns a few times while partying:

Rode out to Guatepe:

Went to a soccer game:

And took some photos around town:

Then today we finally got the fuck out with our lives still questionably in tact. Rode to Buga where we found a nice hostel

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