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Originally Posted by oregoncoast View Post
This has always confused me Why mag 7 or baja pits doesn't just offer a fuel only option, obviously they are missing the boat. If you want fuel it cost you $700! Looks like there's a niche to be filled. And money to be made!
I bet they tried that in the past. Then one of the fuel-only customers came in and needed wrenching. Then I imagine one of two things happened:

1) They stepped up to help wrench, and then the guy never came back later and paid for the support that he ended up using.

2) The didn't help, and the guy got all pissed off, and then told everyone how they were a bunch of jerks.

Either situation probably resulted in the guys at MAG7 saying "Well, that BS totally isn't worth it."

My understanding from those guys last year is that the organization basically covers costs. How many trucks? Going how many thousand miles? Fuel for them all? Lodging for them? Food for them? Tires every once in a while? Repair bills for crazy stuff?

I know we're all wicked smart on the internet... but if there was really a bunch of easy money in supplying fuel only, a crafty desert fox surely would have figured that out already.

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