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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
You can do mag seven pits emergency only which is gas only for $400
Plus the price of gas
Oh well thats news to me. My understanding was Emergency Service did not include the option of also ordering fuel. This is from their website and it is written as though if you want fuel, you pay full service...which I did for two years, btw.

Choose Either Full Service or Emergency Service:
Full Service:
MAG 7 crews will transport your spares to the pits and back and fill you during the race with your desired fuel
(high-octane or pre-mix) from dry-breaks, dump cans, or jazz cans.

Emergency Service:
Already using BFG or Honda pits? Sign up with MAG 7 Emergency Support Service in addition to your current pit service to ensure you have help WHEN and WHERE you need it. We have more pits located around the race course than anyone else.
It's inexpensive insurance for a fast finish.
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