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Originally Posted by grant22 View Post
The bajas come with the higher tune motor, correct? Does it also have the taller suspension?
As far as I know (and this is really limited as the orange is still only just seeping through the BMW blue on me...) the suspension is no different than past 990 ADV models. Also, I wasn't aware that the motor was higher tuned than a regular 990 ADV. It sure has a pile of power and will light up the rear tire and roll smoke in 3rd gear on these cold Canadian roads right now though, lol!

Every time I look at the white I like it more. I was "meh" about it when I bought it, but it has a "Stormtrooper" quality to it.

Bar risers are on and I may need more than the 2" these give. Next step is 3.5", but it's justifiable. I'm 6'1" and I like to ride high especially when standing:

Luggage rack is on also, but they ordered the wrong panniers. I'm fed up with Touratech so I went a different route for panniers. Hopefully by the time I get back from Albania I'll have luggage and be on my way south to the states to visit some friends in Wash/Oregon:

So... I'll throw this out there because it might save me a whole PILE of reading and bad decisions on mods/farkles/accessories. Shoot me your top 5 mods for this bike excluding exhaust and luggage. (FMF's are going on and the aforementioned is taken care of.) Cheers everyone and thanks for the hearty and warm welcome back to the fold. I felt lost outside of the ADV world just riding on my own to be honest, lol!
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