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Originally Posted by Strokizator View Post
I see you have the Japanese version of the Baja, known there as the Baka.

"Baka (馬鹿, ばか, or バカ) is a frequently used Japanese noun or adjective meaning "fool; idiot; jerk; dolt; imbecile; foolish; stupid; worthless; absurd; ridiculous; ..." pretty much sums it up concerning me and motorcycles.

Seriously though, enjoy the heck out of your bike.
Baka... I dig it man. I have had a few bikes I would call "Baka" and this one is right up there. It's gonna be not only a handful offroad, but two handfuls. I will try to ride it like I did the Dakar, but no promises on me coming out the other side without some serious tree/trail rash, ;)
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