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Yes issues with the stepper! It was a pain in the ASS until I learned were to spray WD40 (with the long straw) I carry a small can now on the bike. Only an issue every 3or 4 days of dusty off road.
I just got my Uniflter - prefilter which should make a big difference. Just need to clean my K&N filter before popping it in.
My Bike ran very well in lots and lots of dirt for 11 days of Death Valley and Moab Dirt. doing an average of 1 hour maintenance per night. Chain cleaning/lubing every night, adjusting and tightening lots of shit.
Very happy with this bike off road reminding myself often this is not a dirt bike.
Is it possible to hit the stepper with contact cleaner/wd40 without stripping the bike down to get to it? I'm having a hard time finding anything comprehensive on getting to it. My search-fu is weak
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