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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
I'm hoping someone with more experience will answer, but glad you found this useful so far.

1. About whether the Montana will recalculate, I've heard mixed information and since you've tried it I believe you. Frankly after all this routing knowledge I've learned (without living with the Montana on the bike much)... I'm going to stick to Tracks when off road so I don't care that much

2. Yes that does sound simpler, I was trying to come up with a solution specific to the person's question but your way sounds simpler. It changes the running stats for the miles you have already traveled though, so technically it is different. YMMV.

3. IF I understand you here, you are using BC to autoroute then having BC "Create a Track" from the Route. Then transfer the Track to the Montana (which can handle 10,000 points in a Track). This is exactly what I plan on using quite a bit, especially for Offroad trips using the Topo 24k maps that can autoroute (in BC) but in the end I will then create a track and use it. ... BTW it's being discussed now in the main Montana thread.

Sounds good to me... Thanks, I normally have used the unit for on-bike road work and mostly with routing. But, with some tracks. Looks like not as much experience as you with that though.

I find the unit actually handles things very well and I do not tend to do much out in the field but simple stuff - preferring to do most of my manipulation in BC at home before or after. But, I think to some it is like a hobby to be able to manage the unit and gps "fun"... which is fine of course.

I find that I use a combination of track and routes depending on my need. For most of my point to point travel - that might have deviations - ie. lunch, gas... site seeing... routing is nice as it will find your way back and get you from A to B.... with little trouble. But then if I have a single track or forest access road or camping in the wilds I will use tracks to be safer with navigation and more accurate. If you know what I mean. It is one of the great reasons I got this unit - to be able to seamlessly do both while on a longer trip.

I also tend to be impatient while riding and don't like to stop too long - so having to add route points on the side of the road etc.... and the like is not my cup of tea. I can calculate time and distance and such - from BC and link up my routes and tracks when I get home and am reliving my trip. To each his own.

Thanks for the thread - I have read the Montana thread start to finish I think twice now and this one is a great resource.


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