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Thanks for following guys

Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Damn dude... It just doesn't let up....

Broken rim?!

I hope your next bike (640ADV?) will treat you a lot better!

Edit: That being said, I'm VERY impressed with how well it seems to run burning that much oil.
Thanks brother.. I have been very impressed at how well it does run even blowing straight black out the back and burning like 150km to every liter.. wooops

Originally Posted by bouldergeek View Post
Whoa, dude, you have put up with a lot from your KLR.

I'm currently reading this at Palmer Station, Antarctica. I moved here from the 81224 at the beginning of March. And my 2009 red KLR is waiting in Denver to be shipped down to Santiago when I am done. Lots of similarities.

You've had a wild ride. Glad you didn't eat it with that tire mishap.

Rock on, and good luck as you move forward!
Thanks for following along from the 81224 and ANTARTICA!! CRAZY
I will say without all the trouble I have had with the bike this trip would not have been half as awesome and defiantly would not have met such incredible, loving, and badass, people along the way.

Originally Posted by D-Train View Post
Wow...just wow
HAHAHAHA I got off the bike started to grab my tools saw the rim.. just started to laugh, grabbed my laptop, walked into the gas station, had a Tea, sent some emails, and then slept out on their patio for the night.. hahaha
One more epic event with the Ol' "Animal" hahahahha

thanks for following me Dusty..
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