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Originally Posted by AK Smitty View Post
I will say that I do believe that the plane did have mechanical problems. I was told the same thing when my bike was shipped from Panama to Bogota and I did not believe it at all. Also Veronica at Lyn Cargo worked very hard for me and was very professional. However none of that got my bike to Miami any quicker. I was told originally possibly Wednesday but definitely no later than Thursday. It arrived late Friday and I processed the bike at customs without ever seeing it was here at 4 PM Friday. I am not sure if this was even legit but it worked. I wasnít able to get the bike until after 7 that night and it was a hassle.

Veronica was extremely apologetic and wanted to make things right but that didnít really change my bad experience. There were also others that were very sympathetic but again it didnít put money back in my pocket or days back on the calendar. It has been an eventful and trying end to a great adventure.

There are some other guys that shipped with Lyn about a week before me. I am contacting them to see how their experience was.
I'm one of the guys who shipped out on Lyn Cargo the week before. Of all the options in Columbia, they were by far the most knowledgeable and helpful. In fact, after several days of frustration in Cartagena where we got many differing answers on shipping (even from the same company), Henry and I actually drove all the way back to Bogota to use them specifically because of Veronica and how helpful she was. When we got there, the helpfulness continued. Paying was a hassle (cash or wire transfer only - I managed to get enough cash from ATM's and the handler drove me to the banks and back with the cash). Veronica finally figured out that you could pay for the shipping with a credit card through their American branch and that was how Henry paid. They let us hang out in their office, use the internet as needed, and the printers. I'm sad to say I forget his name, but the handler (for lack of a better term) stayed with me at the airport for probably 5 hours getting my motorcycle checked in.

The headaches occurred on the US end. First off, you can't legally walk out of the Miami airport so cab ride #1 to Centurion cargo to pick up the paperwork. At this point, I was told amount of the destination fee ($40) and that they wouldn't take anything but a money order or wire transfer. I walked to the Western Union across the street and they couldn't do a money order (system down I was told). I walked from there to my hotel since it was on the way and called a cab to go to customs from there. The f*%king cab company kept saying they were just a few minutes away and kept dicking around until it was too late to make it to customs by closing.

Next morning, it's off to customs (cab ride #2) and I get my release paperwork. Cab ride #3 to a different Western Union for the money order and then from there to Centurion. Somewhere about $50 for all the cab rides.

The big hassle is paying the destination fee - they need to work something out on that.

So I give Lyn Cargo a big thumbs up as they were WAY WAY WAY more helpful than anyone else in Columbia. Especially Veronica
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