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I'm still sticking to it

Well, I'm still alive and have been making slight progress on my project. Here's what has been happening. After I finished measuring everything, I found the Front cylinder valve guides were worn past the limits.

I made a tool out of an old propeller bolt to push out the guides (and install new ones) I shouldn't admit my crude methods, but I turned it down by chucking it into a hand drill and turning it against my bench grinder, then finished it up by turning it against a file.

I hit them with a hammer a few times, but that seemed futile so I pushed them out with a press.

I ordered the suzuki tools to ream the oversized hole for the new guides and to clean up the hole for the valve stem. They haven't arrived yet. I'm also still waiting for a gasket set, piston rings and the new guides.

Today I assembled the rear head with new valve seals. Aren't they pretty

I received t a generator rotor this week, off a SV. (ebay)
So I reassembled the starter clutch and rotor, with the new front cam chain and then also the rear chain, clutch.

It's been slow going, but I'm not in a hurry. This is what it looked like out my back door this morning. Nearly the middle of April and we have only had a few days above freezing and a couple feet of snow. YUUK

Also I don't really need the suzuki until a small two-up trip in July. I have the KTM to get me about.
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