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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
what up with you Marlene? how come you no like see us no more?
You been talk with G-Funk? he no like us too!
You no listen him!

we wait for you and smiling face every wendy'sday at Quackers!,,but you no come visit,,you not happy? ,,we not pleased!

You come visit,we make you happy again!
round up G-funky and bring him too! ain't like that at all. You guys are all swell fellas...and ladies. I been meaning to try to make it one Wednesday, but.....well....I guess I gotta get some priorities straight(er). I have been riding in from B'ville most days for work...and taking Shotgun home. I even managed to stupidly get caught on a muddy skid trail on the downslope one evening. I tried to turn around and ended up having to drag the Klr...on it's side...away from the sloping edge I had let the front tire slide towards/partially down. I don't remember ordering the Klr-H model....H being 'heavy'. Fear of spending the night in the woods alone must've given me supermutantstrength...but I wasn't anywhere's near crying.....yet.

I've been lurking here and y'all seem to like Quakers for a meeting place, but here's the important question............ they gots a hummus platter?
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