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Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post
Camping Info !!!

Here's a link to the campground map (pdf). We probably should all try to stay in the back area (520 and up) to avoid getting in trouble All the spots are considered "primitive camping".

The spot we reserved for "party central" are 565, 575 and 585. The other spots are open, but I think we should try to fill them all up before we end up with any squatters

Here's my suggestion: book yourself a spot, and post up to share your space (or keep it for yourself). According to the girl I spoke to, one car equals 2 motorcycles. I think all spots are good for about 3 tents. Link to campground website. (OK, maybe I got the link fixed. Yunz didn't really think a bunch a hillbillys could keep up a web page didja?)
...Oh wait, nevermind...

...anyway the new number is...
This is the number for the Hot Springs Resort & Spa. Just tell'um you wana reserve a campsite.

Riverside Primitive Tent Sites $30.00 $40.00/night
(no utilities, up to 4 persons, $6 each additional person 2 cars and $6 each additional car)

Primitive Sites (off river)$20.00 $24.00/night
(no utilities, not on river, up to 4 people, $6 each additional person 2 cars and $6 each additional car)

riverside spots: 557, 549, 543, 539, 537, 531.... and 595
non-riverside spots: 522, 520...

If you are planning to camp at 565, 575, 585 pm me

booked spots:
- Party Central 565, 575, 585
Cledus +1

Lady Draco, HB, Blue Mule, HappyBrother- 253
snowbilly, Beachbilly- 443
HalfPint- 504 extra room if someone needs it
PineyMountainRacing- 505 for thurs-sat nights. Room for squatters.
35xj, Henry, Hazinski-508
pridemore1, Icecold Dan- 512 for thurs-sat nights. Willing to share. Full
GregsBro, damyankee- 515
HappyCRNA and Knighthawk- 519
Ducky and the FE's- 5twentysomething
stucknarut (+a couple noob friends)- 521
Porkbutt, hutch451- 522
Hawk- 523
r1ng3l78, motor7, reubenRN- 527
crpntr +1- 543

Laconic,fluteSONG- 255
Aarrff, mtngal, room for one more tent- 595

Wow, that was easy.
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