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where's Laura0107?
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Thank you laura! Yeah I had my bike down there last week while visiting family,cousin lives in columbia off st andrews Road and aunt lives 5 minutes away from harbinson state forest on broad River road.I really didnt get to ride much,found out for next time sumter and marion forests to ride. Tried to get this week off to actually ride and job said I couldnt do it:(One week just doesnt cut it to do everything down there,Aunt kept asking me if I was gonna ride and I told her I came down there to see them and if I got a chance the bike was a bonus or to stay out of her hair if I got bored

Thats some bubblegum looking georgian clay mud there on that one trail.. Years ago cousin told me him and his sister use to go cart andrews road when it was all dirt at one point back in the early 80s. Cousin use to have a k5 lifted truck and where saluda shoals park is ,he took me back there in 88 it was all trails,powerlines railroads etc.Since they turned it into a park and all macadem it isnt even recognizable anymore from how I remembered it. Sorry for the long rant
I had an outlaw section in the map without realizing it until hitting that gummy clay (routed around it in the GPX that's now attached to post #13). I sorta expected to see you at the state lunch in Summerton on Saturday. I ended up riding the Manchester area by myself and could've used the company. There are a few pix posted in post #1117 in the state lunch thread. Give us a shout next time you're down!
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