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Great you are!!!

Hi friends,

never thought of getting so many positive reactions to my questions.

Thank you very much to all of you!!!

The pms I received started with:
Hey, someone helped me with buying a bike in Europe, so I will help you here in the US. Im open to working with you

going on with:
Ill help you, get in touch with me when you are here. We can make some tours together..

Up to:
You can have one of my bikes and I get one of yours in Europe

After all I learned a lot:

It is not really hard to buy a bike and get insurance in California. One way is to get a CA drivers license (45min deal) and every insurance company will tell me to be welcome. The other way is Progressive Insurance, wich also accepts european licenses for paying a littel bit higher rates.
For both I need an address of registration, but using the address of a friend is no problem, an friends are easy to find on advrider

My idea of using a small scooter is, the traffic ist to fast and it is not easyer to register. Different from Germany.

The idea of borrowing bikes to each other is sympatic to me, too. This means the bike is ready for going and the owner in his country cares for selling it or keeps it in his garage.
I have 3 bikes, one of them is a touring enduro, equiped with boxes, tank-bag etc. But: Insurances in Germany are usually only for damage we do to others (cars, persons). My own bike is not insured if I cause an accident. Insurances for that case are extremely expensive here.

So, thanks for all, Ill keep in touch with you, and im really looking forward to my trip.

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