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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post
Bike looks nice.

High idle issues are sometimes caused by the ignition advance weights hanging up in the advanced position, even as the revs drop off.

The change in ignition timing alone can leave an otherwise properly tuned engine "idling" at 3k rpm.

Flushing the bean can liberally with electric contact or brake cleaner and then dousing it with aerosol silicone spray can often cure sticking advance weights.

I was going to suggest leaking intake boots. Had it happen to me before. I like Lornce's suggestion better.

This photo with the 2 different valve covers kind of bothers me though.

Very nice job. I like these kinds of builds where it looks fairly stock to the casual observer but if you look a while and talk to the builder you find that there are many well thought out tweaks.

I predict you will enjoy this bike mucho. I know I would.
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