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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
Alonso thinks the tires make qualifying well less important.

I don't agree. You have to get a nose in front of Red Bull. Do that, and they're neutered.
I have to agree with Alonso here. These tires are so shity they are ruining Pirelli's reputation. F1 is/was thought to be the pinicle of motorsports and yet they can't go more then x laps before they fall of a cilf. Kimi last year was a joke, lost like 10 spots in a few laps because of the tires falling off... That is silly!

When it is no longer about outright speed and more about saving tires, it's silly.

This is "Eco Friendly F1". It's ok, but not as much fun as the real F1 was. I miss all out speed, two tire supliers, refuling at every pit stop, 1 engine per race weekend. Better yet anyone remember qualifing engines...

I also miss original track layouts... Remember when eau rouge was a chalenge to the drivers and equipement. Everything had to be perfect to run through there flat. Since the change any Joe blow in a back grid car can go flat. That kind of takes the special out of it for me...

Anyways Wxwax, we'll see if your right cause a hole bunch of them got thier nose in front of the Red Bulls for the start of this one. It's a bold move to not even set a time. I hope it works out for either Seb or Jenson. It would help bring to light the stupidity of putting junkyard tires on the quickest cars in motor sports...
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