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Originally Posted by biggsxr View Post
I found a good used cover, and promised myself to never use the kick starter.....
Now that she's running, she's got some problems;
2007 TE510, starts and idles ok. I hears a lot of loud rattling at idle and lower speeds. Like piston slap, or maybe timing chain/valves.

When revving up it sometimes "revs down" very quickly, and sometimes revs down and dies very quickly.

It almost seems like a rod bearing seizing up. Although it cranks over and starts again.
Oil change showed some fine particles on the magnet, no big chunks.

I'm looking for this to be a reliable trail/street machine. Sounds like a tear down is in order. Thoughts??
It's been sitting up quite a while right? I'd think a carb cleaning would help the idle/dying thing. The rattling could be loose valves that need re-shimming. Fine particles in the oil is not a big deal.
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