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Originally Posted by mike54 View Post
I was going to suggest leaking intake boots. Had it happen to me before. I like Lornce's suggestion better.

This photo with the 2 different valve covers kind of bothers me though.

Very nice job. I like these kinds of builds where it looks fairly stock to the casual observer but if you look a while and talk to the builder you find that there are many well thought out tweaks.

I predict you will enjoy this bike mucho. I know I would.
Mike, your right, I'm gunna like it a bunch. The hardest part is getting over the fact that it looks all new and perfect and won't stay that way if I go for few real rides

So yeah, that photo of the cases was pre bead blast. I took in a pair of each style since I wasn't sure what I wanted her to look like at the time

I'm telling you crank balancing is a wonderful thing. Makes for a sweet ride.
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