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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
Well, yeah. it's your project. The idea is to make it clear to other people. If you are using 100RS airbox (flat top), carbs, heads, pistons and jugs, just say that. You're not texting here, you can write it out. I just said more in 10 words than you did in 11...

Now are you using the throttle gear and cam out of the RS too? I don't know if it matters, so long as the butterflies open all the way it shouldn't much.
Actually it is not Robert's project (although I unsucessfully tried to get him to do my cylinder heads), it is my project. I think he was just pointing out that it is clear to the average person. And yes I am using the 40mm throttle cam, the required cover, and the correct throttle and choke cables for the 40mm carbs, Didn't think I needed to list all that since my only question was about stock jetting for the carbs,

You often provide very useful advice. This wasn't one of those times.

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