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In planning my route to D2D for next year, I find that I have to make a choice. The Beartooth has always been on my bucket list but I've heard that Chief Joseph is not to be missed. So now the choices are these: 1) Ride from Aurora, CO to Red Lodge, MT and do the entire Beartooth but skip the Chief Joseph, or 2) Ride to Cody, WY and ride the Chief Joseph to the junction with the Beartooth and then go west on the Beartooth to 89 and then on into Great Falls, MT, missing the twistiest portion of the Beartooth.

I guess there is a third option but not as likely: ride the Chief Joseph to the Beartooth, turn right and ride the Beartooth almost to Red Lodge, then turn around and ride back on the Beartooth to 89 and on to Great Falls. This would add about 90 miles...would it be worth it?

For those of you who have ridden both, which option will give me best bang for the buck?

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My opinion is that The Beartooth Highway is much more scenic but since you're gonna be right there, take the time for both.
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