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Day 6 - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 6 – Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

This leg featured extremely salty ham and grits, the best peaches ever, cotton fields, and THE OCEAN!!!! I am in love with big water, especially the ocean so it is always a treat to put my feet in it! I ended the day at one of my favorite parks, Fernadina Beach State Park in the NE corner of Florida.

 photo 20120912_080056_zps20fb1934.jpg
The next morning the ducks woke me up!

 photo 20120912_093925_zps4a07a47e.jpg
I always try grits when in the south only to remember why I don't eat them in the north.

 photo 20120912_111427_zpsf86cd483.jpg
Never get to see cotton fields up in Wisconsin... and I've never seen it this time of year.

 photo 20120912_112021_zpscd983312.jpg
I was pretty pumped to see my first palm tree!

 photo 20120912_120747_zpse5ee9b3b.jpg
My partner in crime! Still hanging on to this day!

 photo 20120912_123521_zps88987bf3.jpg
A roadside peach stand, had to stop!

 photo 20120912_123651_zpsb228a90c.jpg
The peach man tried ripping me off by charging me a dollar for this peach... I offered him a quarter and told him he was getting a good deal. It probably was worth a dollar after tasting it!

 photo 20120912_133858_zps5c4eef87.jpg
The Ocean! In Savannah Georgia.

 photo 20120912_134513_zps959fa983.jpg
Beautiful Every Time!

 photo 20120912_143450_zpsf98755e8.jpg
I dig how the trees overhang the roads in the south, and palm trees!

 photo 20120912_184557_zps992d667b.jpg
Fernandina Beach State Park, there were tons of deer in this park.

 photo 20120912_183544_zps4cb636c3.jpg
Overhanging trees in the park road.

 photo 20120912_180455_zps3fef6db4.jpg
Storms were moving through on and off all night.

 photo 20120912_180505_zpsa0edee98.jpg
A smattering of seashells... amazing colors

 photo 20120912_191442_zpsf18b9d19.jpg
My new friends taught me how to throw nets for mullet. We caught a few but not enough for a meal so we donated them to the other people fishing on the pier and ended up catching a shark at dusk!

 photo 20120912_194841_zpse24828a8.jpg
I didn't say how big the shark was...

 photo 20120912_174914_zps77d2feb6.jpg
Accommodations for the night

Another beautiful day with fantastic people making the experience richer!

Thanks for tagging along!
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