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'cause you have a bad day ...

there are days you just prefer to be on your bed, and this day, was definitely one of us

We have a fantastic plan with Steven, go for 70km on tarmac and then go on dirt, close to the zambezi as possible and cross all villages. In theory it will be perfect!

But something went wrong! We were fed up with tar after 50k and decide to go dirt, it was sandy as usual so after some dance with my really deadful k60 tyre, i stop for deflate time, i deflate too much the front....
200 meters after the first sand, the tyre has slice around the rime and cut the valve Well done !
Ok anyway i know that i am a stupid boy and made a lot of stupid mistake so i carry spares!
So we took off the weel and it will be an easy fix

Did I say i was stupid ? stupid enough that I pinch the tube between the tyre and the rim We try all we can do but we were done and has to use the tyre levers

and you know what happen when 2 stupids guys have left their brains away and try to put a new tube ???? Nothing ! New tube is like old tube, flat

We were in middle of the bush, after 1 or 2 hours in the sun, and try to think on a smart solutions... We decide to get the wheel to town, fix it and get the bike tomorrow
We let the bike in front of a hut to be sure nobody with a front xt660z rim can get it

That's when mens from the huts decide to show us their experience

Steven fall asleep, and i try to take some notes of what i did wrong, they take off the tyre and seek for hole. 1 hole, then 2 and then 3 and 4 and 5 6 and eventually 7 !! Did i say we were stupid and with no water ?
So they cut an old bicycle tube and glu it on my new fucked tube. 1 hour later they put the tyre on the rim, and inflate it with an old cycle pump.

They were so proud they insist we took them on photo to keep a souvenir ...

[2 weeks after and 2 inflate after i buy a new tube and keep this as spare... a good idea to have a bad tube as spare ]

Sun was already down and there are no lights on the moped, so we decide to speed our machines to town , my bike is equipped with high light that cost a kidney (fortunately not mine!) so it should be ok... But as this day was a crazy bad day my lights decide to die

So we drive at night in this potholes road with plenty of trucks with no lights, it was just pure happiness

We safely arrive in town and decide that just pizza and beers can save our souls

Anyway, we will not abandoned our plan so fast, tomorrow is another day
just me crossing Africa

L'aventure Africaine en franšais:
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