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Originally Posted by deezildennis View Post
Did they get the Helix back in order for you?
Just as I was about to write a short update on my new life in Giddings, Texas, I see that deezildennis as the question that is probably on more than a few minds.

And, the answer is.....YES!

I had the Helix taken to Greathouse Motorsports in Bryan, Texas. They said they thought it would take 4, maybe 5, days to get the parts. Once the parts were in, it would take a couple hours to fix it. On the following Wednesday, I took them the two new tires that I'd bought online and had delivered to my mother-in-law's house in Giddings. I asked the guy there (a different guy from the guy, Chad, who I'd originally spoken with) if they had the scooter apart. He said no. So does that mean that the parts haven't been ordered yet, I asked. He said no, that they'd ordered the parts and he was expecting them in that day. I didn't want to get into a discussion but I wondered how they could order parts when they hadn't taken it apart to find out what parts they needed to order.

The very next day, Thursday, they called and left me a rather terse message. "Mr. Scott, it's Ron, call me". I've gotten more than a few of those calls and it's always bad news, that they found something else wrong or they needed to order something else. On Friday, I called Ron and got the...........GOOOD NEWS! It was ready. The only thing that they hadn't ordered was a new clamp for where the muffler fits on the exhaust manifold. Since I still had the old muffler, that was no big deal.

As I installed the clamp, I had the Helix on the center stand. They had changed the old oil since it was just about due. When I checked it, it was way over full. Apparently they'd filled it while it was on the kick stand, not the center stand. They were more than happy to use a huge oil hypodermic looking thing to extract the excess oil. Later, I wondered if they might have drained the oil with the scooter on the kickstand. That would have put the oil drain plug on the high side of the scooter, meaning that all the old oil didn't get drained out before the new stuff got installed.

After leaving Greathouse with the scooter, my brother-in-law, who'd given me the ride to Bryan, drove/rode over to another brother-in-law's house for lunch. That ride was about 15 miles so I figured that would be a good test ride to see how things felt and sounded. Everything seemed fine. It does seem a tad louder than before but that could just be my imagination.

As I sit in McDonalds, using their wi-fi, the fog here in Giddings is pea soup thick. I'm hoping it'll burn off in a bit and I'll hit the road for Houston.

And so it continues, my search for Helix!
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